Beauty & Healthcare Investment Excel Calculator
Originally published: 25/04/2019 16:30
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Beauty & Healthcare Investment Excel Calculator

This is an Investment Calculator to calculate the Return On Investment for your Beauty or Healthcare business.

This is an ROI calculator for health or beauty care companies that plan to invest in new equipment and want to calculate their breakeven sales volume and the return on investment with given assumptions.

Available to download and input data immediately, this MS Excel spreadsheet contains the following tabs:

• Assumptions: This worksheet contains key assumptions that are needed for the calculations. Fill the data for the new services you plan to provide for each year.

• Cost of Treatments: This worksheet calculates direct costs of one treatment. Direct costs are those that are directly dependent on the number of treatments.

• Scenarios: This model facilitates evaluating investments in four different scenarios:
- Min – the worst-case scenario with the lowest number of treatments per month,
- Avg – the base case scenario,
- Max – the optimistic scenario with the highest number of treatments per month,
- Break-Even – corrects Avg scenario by multiplying Avg sales by a correction factor.

• NPV Plan: This is the main worksheet, which contains a table with the main calculations for the investment project. In this worksheet indicators such as PV, NPV and ROI are calculated.

• NPV Chart

• Solver

If you have any queries or questions about the model, you can either start a discussion below or reach out directly by private message through my Eloquens author channel.

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