Automated Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet - Track Your Growth/ Dividend Stocks Anywhere
Originally published: 28/06/2021 08:03
Last version published: 29/06/2021 14:08
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Automated Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet - Track Your Growth/ Dividend Stocks Anywhere

Keep track of your stock portfolio (even in several accounts) with this easy-to-use automated Google Sheets Template.

Say hello to better stock portfolio management!
We have been using and working on this portfolio tracker spreadsheet for years now and it is designed to be as automated as possible with minimal input from the user.

This stock tracker is made using Google Sheets so you can track your portfolio from your PC or any of your smart devices anywhere without being worried of losing your data.

We know spreadsheet this size can be intimidating, so we include easy-to-follow instructions in the files. In case you have any further questions, feel free to shoot us an email or check out our blog and videos. We love hearing from you!

Highlights & Features
Easy to Use and Maintain. This spreadsheet is designed with as minimal input from user as possible and as user friendly as possible. Just input your starting capital and trade transactions, and let this spreadsheet work its magic.

Automatic Data Fetching. Type in the stock ticker and the spreadsheet will automatically track current stock price, dividend payments, dividend yields, yield on cost, total position gains (in $ and percentage), ownership %, cost basis, total shares owned, industry information, today's change, annual income from dividends

Automatic Currency Conversion. With 1 click, change the currency in the portfolio to 1 of 5 currencies currently available (AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD, USD)

Portfolio Dashboard. Key statistics at a glance with beautiful charts and graphs

Easier to Analyze/ Decide Your Next Actions. This spreadsheet will split your portfolio into pies by sector, allocation, accounts, annual income and more, making it easier to analyze and decide your next actions or where you need to diversify.

Keep Track of All Your Investment Accounts in One Place. This spreadsheet will be a single nest for all your investment accounts.

Capital/ Deposit Entry Tracker. Keep track of your deposit or capital for your various accounts

Track Your Annual Income from Dividends. Keep track of your annual income from your dividends.

Lifetime Updates. New features are constantly being added and updated because this spreadsheet started off as a personal portfolio tracker that fits our need (and we are planning to use it for a long time). When you purchase this spreadsheet, all future features and updates will be free.

Track your Portfolio Anywhere With All Your Devices & PC. Since this portfolio is created using Google Sheets, your data is safe in the cloud and you can track it anywhere using your smartphone, tablets or PC.

*This product is a Google Sheets template. Product delivery requires a Google account to make a copy.*



Email me at for any requests/ suggestions for future updates. You can also go to our site at for posts about personal finance.

For our blog post regarding this spreadsheet tracker, you can visit our website linked on our author channel.

I. Open the Excel document to find the link required. Copy & paste the link into your browser

II. Once the spreadsheet loads, go to File > Make a Copy (Located on the Top Left)

III. Designate where you want the file to be copied in your Google Drive.

IV. Fill in the required information and let the spreadsheet does its magic!

This Best Practice includes
Excel file containing the link to download the Google Spreadsheet

Acquire nonprofit license for $12.99

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To ease the tracking of one's stock portfolio even if it's in several brokerage accounts using real-time data.

If you need to keep track of your stock portfolio and your gain/ loss using real-time data
If your stock portfolio is spread over several brokerage accounts

Short term traders

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