Originally published: 11/01/2018 13:43
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How to Build AI into Your App Without Coding

A comprehensive tutorial on how to build AI into your app to enhance user content, without having to code.

This video by Code-Free Startup discusses how to build artificial intelligence into your app without the hassle of having to code. Easy to understand and full of examples, you will learn how to build the same sort of AI functionalities online business such as Amazon and Netflix use to predict customer purchases.

Nowadays, many apps use machine learning to predict and suggest results to ultimately create better content for a user. To create this is pretty simple and is outlined further in the video. Effectively, all you need is to input data and then get back some form of output that you can use to recommend better content.

The video uses an already built-out model, 'MonkeyLearn', as a good example of the data and keywords needed for your app to generate suggestions and content for your users.

Video Length: 16:19

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