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Culture, Mission, and Vision

This presentation talks about establishing a culture, mission, and vision within your startup.

Ideas aren't worth very much if you don't have a culture that can guide talent selection along with a confident and bold vision that will attract and bring together your team. Human capital is the element that separates the good from the great businesses, which is why it is essential to any venture to establish a strong culture that will attract and retain the best people, whilst bringing them together behind a vision and a mission that is inspiring.

This presentation provides insight into specific approaches that would be beneficial for entrepreneurs to consider when they are developing their business' vision and mission, all whilst making sure that they can execute on both. These are essential focus areas when it comes to building a company that will last.

Additionally, the content looks into how you can establish a culture that is going to inspire your team to be supportive of your mission and vision. Culture development is a deep topic and should be taken particularly seriously due to the fact it plays an essential role in the success of any venture.

Chapters are as follows:

1/ Introduction
2/ How To Develop your Vision and Mission?
3/ Jason from Salsify talks about his experience
4/ How do you balance vision, mission and execution?
5/ A Breif Analysis on Culture and its Importance
6/ Discussion around Culture, More advice from Salsify with Audience Interaction
7/ Culture comes from you. Are results everything?
8/ Can culture have a Physical Manifestation? What are you Not?
9/ Examples of how Culture can be a Physical Manifestation
10/ Conclusion

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