Originally published: 09/02/2018 16:25
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How to Sell Without Being Salesy

In this video, Chris Ducker aims to eliminate the myth that sales have to be sleazy.

Sales is a word that so many marketers hate these days, and this is because we don't really know the meaning of the world 'sales' itself. We think sales and we think of that vaccuum cleaner salesman shownig up at our frontdoor during our dinner time, and then it often gets worse, because when we call ourselves 'marketers,' we immediately lump ourselves in with that sleazy salesperson that no-one wants to be around. And Chris Ducker says we shouldn't do that, because we're worth more than that. With this video, Chris Ducker wants to turn that entire notion on its head, and talk about how to become a master marketer or yourself without ever coming close to being that sleazy sales guy.

Length: 5 minutes 36 seconds

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