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How to Narrow Your Niche (and Make Your Marketing Easier)

This video contains advice on the importance of narrowing your target audience, so that marketing is easier.

This video by George Kao will advise you on how to make your marketing easier by narrowing your target market. He believes that if you target a large audience, then you will have too many competitors. The more you narrow your target audience, the easier it is to specifically market your products.

For example, he states particular segments you can narrow down:

- Age range
- Gender
- Job
- Particular stage in their transformation
- Problems you can solve
- Particular groups they are part of

George believes that the more you can identify them, the more you get to know them and do good marketing. This video explores this subject further in a understandable and interactive way - it is a must watch for those who would like to improve their marketing skills.

Video Length: 7:03

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