Originally published: 14/12/2020 22:02
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Your cash in cash out control nightmares are over. This table and more like it will do wonders for your small business.

EVERYDAY ACC is a simple way that is intended for you to add your daily income and expenses then post the totals for each day directly into the income statement as opposed to the journal recording manner. You will need to tally all the day’s financial activity then post in this document. This is by virtue intended for a very small and obviously unregulated business. The main and only intention is to give the owner a snapshot view of the direction in which the business is going. Other tables will be added soon like the Cash-flow statement and any others that will be deemed necessary. A full accounting version that is based on the accrual system and also GAAP compliant will be published too soon as it get completed and will be more skill demanding.

So in this one you make entries ONLY in the rows that are marked with (I which stands for income statement) in column C. DO NOT make any entry in any other because there are formulas in them and NEVER add or delete any row or column as that will ruin this accounting instrument.It is hoped that you will love this and find it useful.

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