Originally published: 07/03/2018 13:20
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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Basic JavaScript Syntax

This video tutorial will outline the basic principles of JavaScript's syntax, rules and structure.

In this video, Shaun Pelling gives an overview to the fundamental principles of JavaScript, its syntax, various rules and structure. This tool will allow you to develop good habits in your JavaScript code writing. Shaun highlights various essential pieces of information that are required in order to write coherent JavaScript code.

First, Shaun emphasises the fact that JavaScript is case sensitive. He shows how this can impact on your code writing and how different lines of code can interact with one another. He then goes on to explain JavaScript 'Statements', what they are, how they can be written and how they function within the code. He gives key pieces of information to ensure that the statements you write within your code are correct within the rules of JavaScript coding.

As with statements, Shaun explains 'Comments' within JavaScript code and how they can be written. These comments are absolutely essential when writing long, complex code, as they will allow you to track and keep tabs of what is going on within the code. This video will also demonstrate how to order your code and statements in JavaScript in order to give you the correct outcome.

This tool will help you to avoid many of the obvious errors made by newcomers to JavaScript, helping you write code that is coherent and works within the rules of JavaScript.

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