The Easter Island Pentagon Framework

A 5 branch academic framework to analyse the chances of a company's future success or failure.

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The aim of this paper was to prove the transferability of Harvard Professor's Jared DIAMOND’s Civilisation analysis framework, in his book “Collapse”, to Corporations and that it can provide unique value to business leaders as to take better decisions for a refined definition of long term success.

You can buy Jared Diamond's book here:

The transferred framework was named EIP for “Easter Island Pentagon Framework”, after the well-known failure of the Easter-Island civilisation.

As an illustration, it was the author’s choice to use the corporate history of Renault, Peugeot and Citroën on the 1896 -1939 period to extract 10 key lessons current automobile leaders can use to solve the major challenges of their future market.

This Framework can today be successfully used in Companies and Organisations to analyse their environment.

The 5 branches of the EIP Framework:

1/ Decrease of Support of Partners
2/ Irreversible Unexpected Change of Business Environment
3/ Hostile Competition
4/ Change Management & Responses to Failures
5/ Negative Impact of Current Activity on Future of Business Opportunities

This paper details and explains the pertinence of these 5 branches and a concrete application on the Automobile Industry.

Feel free to adapt this to your own company. It can be a great tool to use every year to monitor organisational health.

I still personally use it every year with Investors and the Board in our Startups.

- Timothée Demoures

Published as a Master Project at EDHEC Business School, France.
May 2015

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