Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - Persona - PowerPoint Template
Originally published: 03/11/2021 12:44
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Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - Persona - PowerPoint Template

A simple PowerPoint Template Slide to present your ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile) personas with various parameters to refine your marketing & sales strategy.

ICPs or Ideal Customer Profiles or Buyer Personas are dummy descriptions of the type of organisations and people who would grasp the most value out of a given service, product or solution. They tend to be a key focus for a business as they have:
- quick sales cycles
- top tier customer retention rates
- the biggest potential to generate brand ambassadors / evangelists / promoters / or power users.

Creating a strong cohort of ICPs in your client base is one of the key success factors to having a "viral" product that brings in new clients automatically on word-of-mouth. (e.g. at, our initial focus was on Financial Modelers and Independent/freelance Business Consultants).

Also, working with your ICPs enables the marketing and sales team to better define your product/ solution /service's core value proposition and gather key feedback to prepare the product for global scale (if pertinent).

To define an ICP, you need to list parameters and data points which can be used to isolate these populations on various different tools (Social Media, Search Engine Ads, Focus Groups, Events, Database hunting etc.) and for different teams (Marketing, Sales, Strategy...).

Here, in this template, I decided to list a few, as examples: objectives, organization size, budget, age range, industry, preferred channels, role, current set-up, generic pain points.

More about ICPs, Buyer Personas and Target Markets here:

This template was generated from my experience as a strategic marketer in my Business Development Director role at Wimi, and Managing Director at . Given it's success with both Marketing and Sales teams, I decided to create a generic template for any Marketing Director, Commercial Director, Business Development Director to use on-the-job.

Here are the different steps to complete the template:

Step 1: Pick Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) based on: your current client base, your market expansion plans, market research

Step 2: List the characterization fields associated to each ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). They should enable you to discriminate each ICP and isolate relatively exclusive outreach sales / marketing strategies.

Step 3: Input the data for the characterization fields for each ICP. Sources: meta-data associated to your client base, market research, sales team inputs…

Step 4: Change your Slide Title, Logo, Footer & Sources based on your analysis

Should you have any questions about this top tier marketing and sales strategy model ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) template, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

Good Luck!
- Tim

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