Sales Funnel Template

A sales funnel template is a design of a consumer's journey to becoming a customer and what happens after they do.

The marketing funnel template is a tool for marketers looking to develop a marketing strategy for their customers from the initial awareness of their brand or product to the point of purchase. Marketing teams can utilize this template for planning their marketing strategies or for presentations to stakeholders or clients.
A sales funnel is a visual representation of a customer’s journey, from the awareness stage to a purchase and continued loyalty.

There are many sales funnel examples. However, most are either described as being wide or narrow. A wide sales funnel is where you target a large number of people or prospects in the beginning stages, but many of these leads will not convert to customers. A narrow-shaped sales funnel targets fewer people at the top, with the expectation that a larger percentage of the highly targeted leads will make it all the way through the funnel.
Both sales funnel strategies have their uses. Wide sales funnels are best for increasing brand awareness.

Infographic Powerpoint template -17 slides.

Content of the presentation is given below.

Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel & Marketing tool
Marketing Revolution
Filling The Sales Funnel
Stages of Buying Process
Sales Funnel Dashboard

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