Monthly Planning & Analysis - Coffee Shop - 3 Years Excel Model
Originally published: 20/06/2018 08:45
Last version published: 04/07/2018 17:55
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Monthly Planning & Analysis - Coffee Shop - 3 Years Excel Model

An effective model for planning and monitoring a coffee shop business performance on monthly basis.

This excel model is a monthly planning model which used to monitor the barbershop performance on a monthly basis.

The model is equipped with historical or past financial performance, financial summary & chart, top revenues, and financial ratios.
The most important part of the model is ERROR CHECK (i.e: not balance or not reconcile, etc.) and ALERT CHECK (i.e: negative cash, negative revenue, etc).

The structure of the model is:

1. Presentation Outputs
a. Financial Statements Summary
b. Top Revenue Summary
c. Ratios Summary
d. Budget Summary
e. Annual Financial Statements

2. Assumptions
a. Time Series
b. Financial Statements
c. Budget Income Statement
d. Revenue & Expenses
e. Working Capital
f. Fixed Assets
g. Capital
h. Corporate Taxation
i. Other Financial Statement Items

3. Outputs
a. Financial Statements
b. Budget Income Statement
c. Revenue & Expenses
d. Working Capital
e. Fixed Assets
f. Capital
g. Corporate Taxation
h. Other Financial Statement Items
i. Outputs & Other

4. Error & Alert Checks

The model is developed using special financial modelling software and comply with Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards (BPSMS).

Should you have any questions on the model you're welcome to Private Message us via our Eloquens Channel or use the discussion feed below.

Your review and rating of the model are always appreciated.

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This Best Practice includes
Model Guidance and The Model

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