Financial Statement Full Ratio Analysis - 10 Periods - Perfect for a CFO
Originally published: 02/07/2018 14:19
Last version published: 03/07/2018 07:48
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Financial Statement Full Ratio Analysis - 10 Periods - Perfect for a CFO

This document will allow you analyse your company's financial ratios in order to analyse efficiencies in different areas

This tool includes a variety of different ratios. These include profitability for sales, profitability for investment, leverage and liquidity. A good financial manager can look at the ratios within their company and see how the company has been improving or dis-improving over the years and then take actions to improve the company. Furthermore, efficiency is important and the more you improve the efficiency in the ratios the more efficient a company becomes.

The different ratios included are the following;

Profitability to Sales Ratios
Gross Profit Ratio
Operating Profit Ratio
Pre-Tax Profit Ratio
Net Profit Ratio

Profitability for Investment Ratios
Return on Capital Employed
Return on Equity
Net Asset Turnover
Economic Value Added

Liquidity and Working Capital Ratios
Current Ratio
Quick Asset Ratio
Collection Period
Inventory Period
Payments Period
Working Capital Ratio

Leverage Ratios
Overall Leverage
Bank Leverage
Long Term Leverage
Profit Cover for Interest.

All of the data in the document is sample data and should not be used. I have also separated out the different raw data sections so you can easily see what data you need to input and from which financial statement you should be obtaining said data from.

I appreciate any feedback and am happy to add in other ratios upon request.

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