Kebabs, Sandwiches and Pizzas Recipes and Ideas...
Originally published: 30/11/2020 09:12
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Kebabs, Sandwiches and Pizzas Recipes and Ideas...

This template helps Restaurant People to prepare Menu in the format of Reports for Management....

Dear Excel Lovers!
Dear Fast Food Lovers!
And Dear Pizza, Kebab Lovers!

The Excel template file contains menus, including the foods and quantities used in the preparation of 27 (twenty seven) kinds of dishes.

The file consists of 6 sheets.

You can use "RecipeContent" sheet it as a cover in the .

On the "ReadytouseProducts" sheet, served 27 kinds of meals are shown with pictures, prices, costs, and income rates.

In the "PurchasedIngredients" Sheet, the ingredients used in the preparation of 27 different dishes are shown together with their prices.

In the "RecipeCostCalculator" Sheet, the ingredients used in the preparation of each dish, are shown with their quantities and prices .

In the "RecipeAnalysisPivotTables" sheet, the detailed report of the dishes through slicers is presented by using the pivot table.

And in the last "Dish Cost Report" Sheet, user can get the necessary information including ingredients, total cost, prices, used weight, etc. in the form of report.
User may add some other expenses like gas, water, etc at the bottom of the report.

We can present this report to the management in the form of a summary and detailed report of the menus.

Excel features and functions such as Data Validation, Upper, Concatenate, Unique, Filter, Sumifs are used in this template.

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It can be considered as one the useful template on behalf of Cooks and people who work in Restaurants...

Good for preparation for Pizzas, Sandwiches and Kebabs...

No menu for any traditional dishes...

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