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This template covers information about Women Volleyball Teams of 16 Countries...

Excel Users know that there are many lookup functions in Excel like VLookup, Lookup, HLookup, Index-Match, XLookup, etc.). Requested information can be gathered/extracted applying one of these functions.

However, these functions don't allow Users to look-up images in file.

Imagine that we a list of women volleyball team names and their players' pictures, and I want to look up player's picture based on the name, I can’t do that using the inbuilt Excel function.

Fortunately, there is a way to do that.

In this file, I will show you how to do a picture lookup in Excel using Index-Match Function and Range Naming Feature.

File is consisted of 4 worksheets:


-Pivot Tables


Cover worksheet includes some pictures and rating of women volleyball teams.

Users can find all the necessary information about women volleyball players of 16 countries including their countries, clubs where they play, height, position, birthdate, federations names, pictures, etc.

Pivot Table worksheet is consisted of one pivot table, three slicers and one timeline.
One slicer is for countries, one is for club and the last slicer is for federations.

Time line show filter based upon players' birth years.

Users can get the necessary information in the for of Pivot Table after selection the necessary buttons on Slicers and Timeline.

The last worksheet Lookup is consisted of the following information:


Users can select names via drop-down list.

Based upon the selected name, other information with picture will be displayed.

Good luck.

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Just get information about Women Volleyball Players of 16 Countries...

It is a good Picture Lookup Sample...

It would be better if all the information could be refreshed via Power Query automatically...

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