Hospital Strategic Financial Model
Originally published: 26/05/2020 15:24
Publication number: ELQ-12264-1
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Hospital Strategic Financial Model

5-year financial model in Excel for hospitals that show P&L, financing and valuation impact of strategic plans.

This is a 5-year strategic financial model in Excel for hospitals. The model consists of 25 tabs that will provide the user and readers key insights on the impact of planned business drivers, expansion plans and financing strategies on profits, financing, and valuation to drive decisions.

The model can be used for budget setting, guide long term strategic plans, develop debt and equity financing scenarios based expansion plans, and calculate valuation scenarios. It has an interactive dashboard that that can “flex” key business drivers and capital expenditure plans and show its impact on profit and loss, debt and equity requirements and valuation.

The model uses generally practiced financial modeling techniques including font colors – blue for inputs/assumptions and black for calculations. There are two (2), potentially three (3) input assumption tabs and nineteen (19) tabs that synthesizes and calculates the assumptions into outputs and insights. There is one Welcome tab and one About tab that succinctly explain each worksheet.

The model blends the typical financial modeling methods and calculations for high-level strategy setting, debt and equity financing and valuation analysis. Some salient tabs include Interactive Dashboard, Financial Ratios, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflows, Debt and Equity Financing, and Valuation.

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Further information

The tool is best suited to assist senior leaders in assessing high-level impact of strategic plans on financial results including profits, financing and valuation.

This tool will be valuable in guiding high-level strategic planning, financial planning and budgeting, potential financing and indicative valuation.

This tool may not be best suited for detailed, line-by-line/account-by-account budgeting, or negotiation of detailed financing terms including positive or negative covenants, or detailed valuation parameters.

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