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How To Buy

Joe Crump discusses how to analyse zero down and no credit deals and how to make them work for you by buying subject to

Joe shows you how to manipulate the structure of zero down deals, in order that you sit in a position of power in any negotiations.

He simplifies the idea of zero down deal structures, making them easy to understand and giving you the tools to structure your deals in this manner. This video will show you how to buy 'subject to' and work these deals to put you in a position of power during deals. Following this video's advice will allow you to establish a huge portfolio of zero down properties and ultimately increase your profits. He simply explains how you can take over a property without the need for cash investment and in doing so, giving you the means to create an ever expanding property portfolio. Joe shows how to go through these deals to make sure that it is your name on the deed and thus you who have power over the property. This video is essential for anyone seeking to expand their property portfolio, without having to invest cash.

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