Real Estate Excel Financial Model for Valuation of Hot Weather Property
Originally published: 26/11/2018 09:12
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Real Estate Excel Financial Model for Valuation of Hot Weather Property

Value Hot Weather Properties with this full Real-Estate Excel Financial Model Template.

This is a Real Estate Template for Valuation of Hot Weather Rental Property.

For this model, you need to fill it with the information provided by the broker/seller and with the typical income and expenses of this type of property.

This tool have the following tabs:

Financial Summary: This tab shows the outputs of the model based on the information on the Input Tab. You do not need to enter any data here. You will find Un-Levered, Levered, and After-Tax IRR Calculations as well as these same returns based on varying key inputs. This should provide a range of returns in order to get a sense of the risks involved in the investment. Note: The data table factors must be adjusted on the financial inputs tab (grouped and hidden) at the bottom of the worksheet.

Revenue Breakdown: This graph is used to show where the revenue is either used for operating expenses or retained as Net Income.

Financial Inputs: Use this tab to enter all of the relevant investment related information. In general the inputs that should be manually change are in Blue font. The inputs in Black font are calculated off of other data and do not need to be changed by the user.

Underwriting CF Analysis: This tab calculates all of the relevant investing cash flows, based on all the data on the Financial Inputs tab, necessary to determine the rate or return on the modeled investment.

Exhibit I - Income Statement, Exhibit II - Stmt. of Cash Flows, Exhibit III - Loan Amortization

Actuals: This tab will be used in order to track actual results of the investment versus what was originally modeled. Over time this is will allow a user to better estimate and define the inputs that go into each of the investments being modeled.
This tab can only be used after the user has modeled the investment. Values from the Underwriting CF tab must be pasted into the Actuals tab. Then as results come in they can be input into the correct month.

Actuals vs. Model: This tab compares the results from the Actuals tab versus what was originally modeled. The model can then be adjusted accordingly.

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