How to identify gaps in your team and recruit for them
Originally published: 19/09/2018 15:59
Last version published: 20/09/2018 12:23
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How to identify gaps in your team and recruit for them

This PDF, brought to you by Law Donut, offers a way to get around the difficulties of recruitment.

This pdf talks about the ways in which gaps may appear in the workforce of a small business. This can be for completely natural reasons and out of the control of the business. Due to unavoidable features of a start-up, such as low financial resources, senior employees often take care of tasks that they are not always qualified to perform. Another reason for this may be for the minimisation of risk.

Law Donut discuss the options available from an HR and recruitment perspective. The speed of growth in a new business can sometimes be overwhelming, and so the importance of hiring the right people at the right time is emphasised here. Freelances are a very popular alternative and may be a cheaper way of mitigating the risk of hiring full-time staff.

Recruitment is such a fundamental issue to navigate in small businesses because of the time and financial expenditure that could be wasted should the wrong person be hired. Seeking professional HR advice and support can reduce these risks and make what is otherwise a time-consuming job very simple. Law Donut also offers some free advice to follow: include existing colleagues in the recruitment process. Afterall, they, as well as you, will be the ones working with them every day.

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