HSE Incident Trend Analysis Tool
Originally published: 17/02/2020 10:19
Last version published: 03/06/2022 11:38
Publication number: ELQ-49334-11
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HSE Incident Trend Analysis Tool

This is a powerful tool for recording HSE incidents in the most relevant structure for the purpose of trend analysis.

This tool is designed to record incidents in the most relevant structure for the purpose of trend analysis. It takes into account date of incident, title of incident, details, incident types (1,2 & 3) to account for incident with more than one classifications, injury category, type of injury, downtime (hours lost), related activity, related equipment or material, location, underlying causes, cause category, type of person involved, sex, level of investigation and status of closure to perform trend analysis. The source sheet is the main working area where data is entered.The tool offers a photographic incident timeline feature to visually track incidents and predict their potential re-occurrence for timely interventions. The timeline can be printed out and displayed on noticeboards to communicate to all to focus on zero workplace accident every month. The timeline gives a visual appeal to workers to align and participate in safety programs. The tool has a dynamic dashboard to visualize KPIs with just a Click and it is very helpful in prediction of potential re-occurrences based on the historical data for implementation of proactive timely interventions.⚙️ Key features;a) Incident timelineb) Dynamic dashboards to visualize data on a single click.c) Injury category included to account for personal injuries.d) Injury to body dashboard to visualize on a single click.e) Easy interaction with pivot charts.f) Password to sheets and workbook provided.g) Excel 2013 (+ later versions ) compatibility.h) Optimized for Windows and Mac.i) Replace logo and integrate with your management system.INSTANT DOWNLOAD after purchase. Your incident trend analysis just got easier!Live Chat Support:https://www.tidio.com/talk/ngbrkuzdkhvvlxsxmemos99u3e2oo638Book a Meeting:https://calendly.com/sheqxel/30min?month=2021-11

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To record HSE incidents in the most relevant structure for the purpose of trend analysis

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