Free Business Sustainability tool
Originally published: 01/04/2020 08:39
Publication number: ELQ-88073-1
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Free Business Sustainability tool

This Business Sustainability Tool is built for all kinds of businesses to measure its business strength amid COVID19.

COVID19 which is also commonly known as Coronavirus has hit the global economy into chaos and the draconian measures required to fight this Coronavirus pandemic are literally draining the life out of every business whether big or small.

In this extremely volatile business environment, every business owner wants to know how the cash flow will be affected. Therefore, we are providing you with this simple yet strong Business Sustainability Template designed to help you and your business clearly measure the impact of COVID19 pandemic on the availability of cash for your business.

Summary of Features & Benefits:
Cash generation capacity prediction,
Month by month cash flow analysis,
A clear prediction of how much cash you need to inject now,
Forecasting when the business will start making money again,
Gives room to edit your own expenses and income,
The projection can be easily extended to include more months allows you to conduct sensitivity analysis and,
Occurring Cash Inflows and Outflows analysis.
This Business Sustainability Template for COVID19 scenario is easily understandable. It is easy to use for a variety of startups, online businesses, and almost every business because of its simplicity and design.

This Business Sustainability Template will help you to create a plausible scenario where you come out of this crisis unscathed. It assists you to create a good argument for getting that extra cash that you need from an investor or bank by showing your future prospects.

The graphic representation of the Cash Flows will also provide you an easy to understand the overall outlook of this COVID19 pandemic. It also allows you to make alterations to your business’ income and expenses based on the expected availability of cash to protect you from any cash shortages, preparing you for the worst to come in advance.

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To measure the business strength- wether they can survive or not in this COVID19 situation.

It is the best - applies for every business and every industry.

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