Power BI - Filtering sales dates using two different dates
Originally published: 25/08/2022 08:35
Publication number: ELQ-15217-1
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Power BI - Filtering sales dates using two different dates

Power BI Template - Filtering sales by two different dates using Calculation Groups in Tabular Editor

This Power BI pre-built demo template demo uses calculation groups created in Tabular Editor to filter sales data (fact table) by two different dates from the date table (dimension table).  

The template contains 2 report pages as follows:

1. Without Calculation Group

This page simply shows sales by the order vs. ship date in two different matrix visuals using DAX.

2. Using Calculation Group

This page updates a single matrix visual based on the item selected from the Calculation group slicer menu.

The objective of this template is to use the coding logic and apply it to your data. 

What's available?

Power BI modelled template that can be downloaded
4 x DAX formulas using USERELATIONSHIP
Pre-created Calculation Group for Sales by Order Date and Sales by Ship Date

To see the DAX code used simply click on the DAX measure.
To see the DAX expression used for the Calculation groups you would need to view it via Tabular Editor - it can be installed at https://tabulareditor.com/

Developed by Arno Wakfer
Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
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Further information

Understand the use of USERELATIONSHIP in DAX
Understand the expression code used in Tabular Editor to create Calculation groups

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