Pitch Deck Template for Early Stage Startups
Originally published: 14/03/2017 13:51
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Pitch Deck Template for Early Stage Startups

To raise capital, use this strong pitch deck.

At Paua Ventures, pitch decks are the one thing we always request from any entrepreneur to start the investment process. Picture an active early stage VC as a pitch deck highway- these past 3 years, I’ve had 4000 decks hitting our desks and I crunched quite a few of them.

Also, being an pro-active investor when it comes to portfolio management, I have had to build decks to help our companies a good amount of times. Additionally, I’ve been highly involved in our fundraising deck, given that VCs raise capital too!

As to help develop the startup ecosystem, in my own ways, I’d like to put the knowledge I’ve gathered through my experience into a simple, clean and standard pitch deck template that you may use as a basis to create one of your own.

The pitch deck is given in the PowerPoint file you may download below. Also, to get some details on the slides, you can download the online methodology as well.

Good luck building your deck! Once it’s done, do not hesitate to contact me if you are serious about raising your seed round and if you’ve got some nice traction!

Feel free to use the discussion feed below if you’ve got any questions or comments!

-Federico Wengi & the Paua Team

This Best Practice includes
1 powerpoint slide, 1 step by step methodology

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