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How to Do SEO in a Competitive Industry When You Have No Money

Neil Patel shares his tips on ranking highly on Google using SEO with no money in a competitive market.

In this video, Neil Patel shares his tips on how to rank organically on Google by using SEO. These can all be done for free. He describes how Google works along with how you can best take advantage, advising on hints for climbing the rankings.

His first tip is to write roundup posts. This entails writing to experts and influencers in your field and asking their opinions on a certain topic. Then you should email them back and ask them to share the post in which they are mentioned. Back-linking and social sharing will help with your rankings.

The second tip is to use the SEObook KeyWord Density tool. This tool provides you with density percentages of each word your competitors are using. Use this for the keywords that you want to rank for.

The third tip Neil mentions is to google search the term that you would like to be ranked for. Study the ads at the top if the google search and derive inspiration from these. The reason they are at the top is because their ads are seen to be appealing.

Watch Neil's video for a more detailed explanation and more hints on how to rank highly on Google organically with no money.

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