Marketplace KPI Excel Dashboard
Originally published: 28/02/2017 15:32
Last version published: 09/11/2017 15:35
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Marketplace KPI Excel Dashboard

Designed to evaluate a marketplace organisation's performance.

A while ago, we discussed the questions we usually ask when evaluating a marketplace opportunity.

Now, inspired by Christoph Janz’s “KPI dashboard for early stage SaaS” (Available on the Eloquens Catalog), Version One has decided to put together a KPI template for marketplaces.

We are aware of the differences between marketplaces, though similarities still exist at the core: each marketplace will have a seller (supply) and a buyer (Demand) side, which sets the marketplace as the intermediary to bring them together.

We hope that our version of the Marketplace KPI dashboard helps entrepreneurs manage their organizations and prevent those due diligence questions in fundraise.

There are plenty of notes all throughout the dashboard, but in the online methodology below you can find a high level overview of the metrics used.

The dashboard is sectioned into 3 dimensions to measure the efficacy of the business. They are the following:
1. Overall marketplace metrics
2. Seller/Supplier metrics
3. Buyer metrics

If you have any thoughts or comments on the dashboard, feel free to discuss below, as we're certain others will benefit from a community discussion.

Also, any feedback on other important KPIs to add or remove, will be well appreciated! We look forward to iterating!

Would like to look our guide to marketplaces to go along with the guide? Find it on here:

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- The Version One VC team

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