Jubilant Foodworks Ltd Complete Fundamental Analysis
Originally published: 24/04/2020 08:39
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Jubilant Foodworks Ltd Complete Fundamental Analysis

Complete Fundamental Analysis in Microsoft Excel of Jubilant Foodworks Ltd Shares

Jubilant Foodworks operates the popular fast food outlets named Domino's Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and Hong's Kitchen in India. The company has established a robust supply chain with 3 distribution hubs and 29000+ employees. The Domino's pizza brand has 1325 restaurants and enjoys top of the mind recall across the youth population especially in Urban and Semi-Urban areas. The company is also expanding its presence in Sri Lanka where they have 22 restaurants and in Bangladesh where they currently operate 3 restaurants.

The company operates some very popular restaurant chains which have standard menus and new varieties every season. This helps them in building a loyal customer base. The business model is driven by operational excellence and best-in-class delivery. The company was able to achieve a ROCE of 40% in FY2019 which is amongst the highest in the Industry.

They have a differentiated brand USP of ‘30 minutes or free’ delivery guarantee. They have also been successful in striking an emotional chord with consumers through campaigns such as ‘Hungry Kya?’, ‘Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time’ and the latest one, ‘Khushiyon ki Delivery Kabhi Bhi Kahin Bhi'. This has made the Indian community to adopt a foreign pizza brand as their own. Domino’s Pizza India has now become the brand’s largest market outside of the U.S. The company competes with other major players like Pizza Hut, Smokin' Joe's etc, but has a loyal customer base of it own.

The Model covers all the major fundamental aspects of Jubilant Foodworks Ltd over the ten year period. The model is easy to edit and update for the future years as well. It includes:
1. Growth Ratios
2. Profitability Ratios
3. Cash Flow Ratios
4. Liquidity and Solvency Ratios
5. Efficiency Ratios
6. Valuation Ratios
7. ROE (Du Pont Analysis)
8. Common Size analysis
9. Enterprise Valuation
10. Financial Strength Analysis

Further Qualitative analysis is also done considering these factors and ratings have been assigned. The complete detailed analysis is in the word document along with the Excel model.

This Best Practice includes
1 Microsoft Excel Model +1 Microsoft Word Document

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The aim is to provide a thorough outlook into the company's financial position. This will help the students in projects and learning fundamental analysis. This can also be used by Investors who are looking to do their own due diligence before investing in the Indian Stock Markets.

Equity Research, Fundamental Analysis, Valuation, Long Term Investing

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