Tax and Investment Planner Template (INDIA)
Originally published: 04/08/2020 21:12
Publication number: ELQ-14212-1
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Tax and Investment Planner Template (INDIA)

Tax and Investment Planner out of salary Income, for Salaried Professionals based in India.

This is an excel template that helps you understand your monthly cash flow and salary net income after taxes.

You feed in your CTC and tax investment details in blue font as instructed in the file.

The Excel then calculates your tax liability as well as your monthly take home salary in separate sheets

This template enables you to visualise your earnings and plan for your personal expenses as well as savings and investments in a more efficient and effective manner.

In today's hectic environment, it's very difficult to keep tabs on your finances amongst all the other things that take away all our attention.

This planner may motivate you to think about managing your day job effectively and maybe even inspire you to add other avenues of generating income.

If you reside outside of India, I still encourage you to download this file and check out how it works as the tax and payroll systems may be similar in your country. Otherwise, you could make slight modifications where required.
I have used very basic excel formulas to drive the template.

Be sure to read the instructions on the first page very carefully.

Please don't forget to share your feedback! Thank you.

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Further information

Offer the user a tool that helps in visualizing monthly salary takehome and also understand how tax payout can be optimised and investments well-planned.

If you work in private sector in India.

If you work in a country outside of India the tax and payroll rules maybe different, however you may still download the file and maybe modify it for yourself.


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  • Sriram Bhagavatula(last updated: 10/04/2021 10:12)
    Investment Planner - Pretty nicely done
    Template has been excellently designed
  • Hetal Khuman(last updated: 17/12/2020 18:05)
    Smart Salary planner
    Padmashri, thank you ! The template designed by you has helped me in many areas such as planning my personal expenses, tax planning, investments ideas it helped me to trace my expenses too etc.. much appreciated!! Thank you 😊
  • Pratima Ade(last updated: 21/08/2020 03:29)


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