Warrant Form Template to Purchase Shares
Originally published: 16/11/2017 17:08
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Warrant Form Template to Purchase Shares

Warrant Template used to grant somebody the right to purchase shares.

A warrant is used to certify that somebody has the right to purchase shares of a company. This could be to buy a security, usually an equity- at whatever price pre-expiration. The strike price or exercise price refers to the price of the underlying security. This particular warrant includes:

1. Definitions
2. The terms of the purchase of shares
3. Common Stock Election
4. Exercise Price and Period
5. Method of Exercise
6. Net exercise
7. Automatic Exercise
8. Certificates for Shares
9. Issuance of Shares
10. Adjustment of Exercise Price and No. of Shares
11. Reservation of Stock
12. No Fractional Shares or Scrip
13. Financial and other Reports
14. Pro Rata Investment Rights
15. Notice of Certain Events
16. Indemnification of the Company
17. Confidentiality
18. Company Representations
19. Representations and Warranties by the Holder
20. Warrants Transferable
21. Expiration of Warrant
22. Notices
23. Governing Law
24. Dispute Resolution
25. Rights and Obligations Survive Exercise of Warrant
26. Amendments and Waivers
27. No Impairment
28. Termination of Founder

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