What Is Machine Learning and How Can I Learn It?
Originally published: 26/02/2018 17:02
Publication number: ELQ-40742-1
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What Is Machine Learning and How Can I Learn It?

A simple introduction to the world of machine learning and how you can use and learn it

Hitesh Choudhary is an expert code writer and machine learning enthusiast.

In this video, Hitesh gives a simple introduction to the field of machine learning. He then explains how these ideas can be applied, and how you yourself can learn machine learning.

Hitesh breaks down the hugely complex ideas behind machine learning in order to make the topic easily accessibly for newcomers. He explains in detail what machine learning is, how it works and what its applications can be in everyday life. He explains the complex algorithms that lie at the core of machine learning and how this links to data mining.

Hitesh uses simple everyday examples in order to simplify the idea of machine learning, making it incredibly easy to understand. He then goes on to describe the ways in which you can get started in machine learning. He describes the key tools you need to acquire to then learn machine learning. This will help you understand how you can use the programming language python as a basis in machine learning. This video will help you establish the key tools you require in order to become involved in the world of machine learning, and is a great aid for all those who may be interested.

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