The Ultimate Fundraising & Investor Guide
Originally published: 29/08/2019 07:11
Publication number: ELQ-48839-1
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The Ultimate Fundraising & Investor Guide

This fundraising and investor guide offers unique insight into the startup ecosystem for founders and investors.

This fundraising and investor guide offers unique insight into the startup ecosystem for founders, angel investors, venture capitalists and those aspiring to it.

Included: PDF - 89 slides.

Topics covered include:
- To bootstrap or fundraise. A wide variety of different factors are considered.
- How to bootstrap?
- SAFEs vs priced rounds. SAFEs are often used by accelerators and incubators, while priced rounds typically in the later stages of a startup when there is a product in the market and traction.
- The power law distribution of startup investing. Startup investing also follows the 80/20 rule where the bulk of the return in startup investing is generated by a small amount of companies.
- Important venture capitalist topics: pro-rata, reserve allocation, average check size, acquihires.
- The structure of VC and seed funds. You'll understand the typical length of a VC fund, how VCs make money, the two team structures of VCs.
- Market Size: TAM, SAM and SOM.
- How to fundraise.
- Startup myths debunked.
- Building credibility with investors & pitch decks.
- How to enter the world of venture capital.

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