Excel Benchmark tool
Originally published: 10/03/2020 14:33
Publication number: ELQ-12474-1
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Excel Benchmark tool

Test the power of your device core-processor to run Excel models

This is a handy little tool. It Creates a baseline using created data to check how your computer handles data and calculations and produces a set of benchmark gates to see how well your computer core processor has performed. This tool is partcularily useful for modellers who want to assess if they have teh neccesary processing power to run complex and large models. The higher teh score the more capable your computer. You also have teh ability to publish your score and compare against other computer systems. This is probably the Ultimate Modellers geek tool. One peice of advise do not run this Benchmark tool while you have other workbooks or applications open on your PC for best results. It takes about 15 minutes to complete so consider when you want to run it.
Open the File, do not enter any data into the opened worksheet. Make sure all other application are closed on your System and then Hit "Start Benchmark".
Do not under any circumstance open or use any othere application whist the benchmark tool is running. You will see several items of data appear, you can observe but do not eneter anything.
You will know when the tool is complete as teh complete box will appear. Click either Sumit or View Data.

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