Speaking Up Without Freaking Out: Techniques For Confident Presenting
Originally published: 26/03/2018 13:54
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Speaking Up Without Freaking Out: Techniques For Confident Presenting

Audiences respond best to confident speakers - this video will give you all the tools needed to speak with confidence.

The ultimate goal of this video is to help you manage your anxiety when speaking publicly. In this video, Matt shares 10 tried and tested techniques that will help you speak and present with confidence.

1. Greeting your anxiety - this will help you to
accept and acknowledge your anxiousness and help stop your anxiety spiralling out of control.

2. Breathing - these breathing techniques will help you to avoid shallow, quick and nervous breaths.

3. Warming up your voice - this will help you to approach your speech or presentation with confidence.

4. Focus on your audience - this will help you to concentrate on the needs of your audience and take some of the limelight and pressure off of yourself.

5. Writing down your fears - this will help you to notice the irrationality of your fears. This will get your fears out of your head and allow you to take control of your fears.

6. Expect success - this will help you to focus on how your presentation can go well and set yourself attainable goals for your presentations.

7. Reframing your speech as a conversation, not a performance: Your presentation should be seen as a simple conversation to take the pressure off.

8. Avoiding procrastination: Tips to manage your presentation to help ready and prepare your presentation

9. Planning for contingencies: Tips for planning for different scenarios where things go wrong.

10. Outline and structure your presentation first, focus on the PowerPoint second.

This ten-point plan gives you all of the tools needed to move past your anxiety and present with confidence.

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