How to Generate Revenue on Eloquens
Originally published: 31/01/2018 15:49
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How to Generate Revenue on Eloquens

Learn how to generate your first revenue on Eloquens as an author by following these tips.


Eloquens is a great platform to monetize your knowledge formatted in ready-to-use publishable Best Practices. With qualified audiences looking to solve a large number of issues in a short time frame, making passive revenue as an author is really easy.

Before going ahead, make sure the content you have in mind is:
1/ of very high quality
2/ useful and actionable
3/ totally your own creation OR you have the required authorisation to publish AND you credit appropriately any co-authors and contributors 

Here are a few Eloquens Academy curated tips which you can implement to start generating revenues on Eloquens + maximise your conversion rate.

As a reminder, if you make sales on Eloquens, 85% of the net revenues are for you. How about that compared to the traditional publishing industry! :)

  • Step n°1 |

    Publish a "Priced Best Practice"

    In the publication process of a specific best practice,  you can decide to price a best practice at any price you want (above 2USD). This is perfectly suited for content that you do not want to give away for free because of it's high potential value creation and complexity.
    thumb_up -> Do your homework, choose a price adequate to your distribution strategy for your content. Have a look around on Eloquens at the different price levels of similar tools and their apparant performance. You can choose a low price - high volume strategy or a high price - low-volume strategy.
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  • Step n°2 |

    Publish Free Content & Activate the "Contribute" Feature

    The "Contribution Feature" on Eloquens enables any Eloquens User to contribute a few $ to thank you for sharing a best practice for free on the site. This can be done prior or post content usage.

    If users are getting a lot of value from your free shared best practices, you will see such donations appear with contributions ranging from 2USD to 30USD.
    lightbulb_outline Sometimes, it may even be smarter to share a high-value best practice for free instead of selling it at a fixed price. Depending on the nature of your content, and especially if users perceive the intrisic value of your work after usage, using the "Contribution Feature" may be your best option.
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  • Step n°3 |

    Channel your qualified Audience to your paying Best Practices

    Another way to boost your revenue, is to channel a more qualified audience to your best practices shared on Eloquens. Here are some strategies:
    thumb_up 1/ If you have a website, use "Eloquens Iframes", sign next to social shares on a best practice page, and embed your published best practices in a resource tab, blog post or any other page on your site (or a third party website).
    2/ Send the link manually to your paid best practices via email (or private messages via Social Media) to ultra-targeted audiences. This can be specific people you know the best practice could be useful for. Or, if you have a newsletter with conversion funnels, suggest the purchase to your subscribers.
    3/ Share your priced best practices on Social Media
    4/ Contact Bloggers or specialists in your area of expertise to provide backlinks on their website to your content on Eloquens to provide a regular flow of visitors.
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  • Step n°4 |

    Build Trust With the Audience

    Trust is king on the web.

    The good news is that Eloquens was built with this in mind. Here are a few tips to increase your level of trust with your audience:
    thumb_up 1/ Write User Friendly, Problem-Solving Best Practice Descriptions
    2/ Provide a Video Intro or explanation to your best practice via the "methodology" tab in the upload process. You can use services like or others to create very warm and personalised short videos.
    3/ Work on your Eloquens Author Channel description, photo, professional title
    4/ Contact your Eloquens Content Users and push them to provide quality, positive reviews and ratings on your content. When a third party speaks highly of your content, what better argument to build trust!
    5/ Publish 4+ best practices on Eloquens to show your audience that you are in the mindset of helping people out and that you truly master your subject. Some Eloquens Authors even have 70+ tools published...what about that!
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