Cable Size Calculation Spreadsheet
Originally published: 29/11/2017 17:00
Publication number: ELQ-64030-1
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Cable Size Calculation Spreadsheet

Cable size calculations based on Motor Horse Power HP and Specified Current.

The Sheet works with a series of Input Data giving you a number of calculated Values.

Input data: Motor voltage (V L-L), Motor horsepower, Cable Temperature Rating (°C), Ambient Temperature (°C), Cable Length (ft) and Acceptable Voltage Drop (%).

Calculated Values: Operating Current (A), 125% Current per NEC (A), “Zero Length” Cable Size, Acceptable Voltage Drop (V), Actual Voltage Drop (V) and Actual Voltage Drop (%).

Please Note:

The conductor ampacities are based on NEC 2008, Table 310.16 (Not more than 3 current carrying conductors in racewary).

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