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UX Tutorial: How to Use Sketch

This video will guide you through the fundamental basics of Sketch, showing how you can set up your project.

In this video, Kelly shows you how to use Sketch at an extremely basic level so that you can begin to set up your projects and build your own UX prototypes using the application.

Sketch skills are essential for any budding UX and UI designers, and this video will give you the tools required to go and create your designs. Kelly gives an overview of the application and its various tools and functions.

This video will demonstrate how to use Sketch to create different art boards based on common UX models like the iPhone. This will then allow you to design specific prototypes with a certain goal in mind. Kelly shows the basics of how to insert different shapes and text into your UX prototype and how these shapes can be manipulated. Kelly explains other basics regarding the colouring of your UX prototype.

This video will also how to develop and save your own styles through your Sketch prototype. For instance, if you want to develop an app whose pages share a certain style, Kelly will show you how you can develop and maintain this style using the application. This will allow you to quickly and comprehensively manage your design system.

This video will also show you how to create and save your own symbols in Sketch. If, for example, you wanted a "submit" button for your app, you can create this as a symbol and save it for future use.

Ultimately, this video will give you a simple overview of Sketch and its features and show how you can use it in order to create your own UX designs. It outlines the basic tools of the application and how they can be manipulated in order to suit your prototype.

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