Data Science in Audit Investment Valuation Testing PSX
Originally published: 13/12/2018 07:42
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Data Science in Audit Investment Valuation Testing PSX

Testing year-end Investment Valuation of PSX listed companies

Data Science in Audit – Investment Valuation Testing at Year End.

The aim of this template is to speed up the process of year-end valuation testing of listed companies and make it available in the CSV format. It will significantly save time and effort on individual audits and at the firm level.

Yahoo Finance does not provide data for all stock exchanges operating in the world so in this template we have used an alternative source of data service Quandl. There are many service providers available on the web, we are using Quandl it provides Free and Paid data services.

The template is using Pakistan Stock Exchange’s PSX100.

This template can also be used by equity researchers and other finance professionals who are interested in historical equity prices.
There is video available explaining how to use the template.

You should have a Quandl API key to get data access, getting API is easy and can be obtained by creating a free account in Quandl. The process easy and self-explanatory. Just visit Quandl website for details.

For information how to use this tool please have a look at youtube videos. This is part 3 it is recomended to refer Part 1 and Part 2 to set the grounds.

This Best Practice includes
1 Python Script

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Further information

Quandl API key

Quandl Data Service

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