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Author Case Study: Alexander Jarvis

Discover Eloquens Author Alexander Jarvis.

Today, we'll be looking at a new case study: Eloquens Author Alexander Jarvis.

As you know, many smart business models and templates are created every day, but are only used a number of times. There exists a high demand for these smart models for time-saving and knowledge-building purposes. That's why we, at Eloquens, have created an accessible platform to facilitate this.

By opening an author channel on Eloquens.com, Alexander is helping to stop hundreds of professionals from reinventing the wheel, equipping them with ready-to-use tools for a range of purposes.

Alexander Jarvis is a successful publisher on Eloquens.com. He is an accomplished startup mentor and consultant in Europe and Asia Pacific, and has found or helped scale 3 unicorns, including Groupon and Lazadam.

He is also the founder of 50Folds, and pitch deck designers 'Perfect Pitch Deck'.

On Eloquens, Alexander shares a number of tools, ranging from fundraising models, to pitch deck templates, to LBO models.

Alexander speaks highly of Eloquens, to quote him,

" Eloquens is a great idea to solve the problem so many people have with finding the tools they want! 75% of all startup is the same, so why Reinvent the Wheel when someone has done it already? I use Eloquens to share both my paid and free tools and extend what I do to help make life easier for more people. "

As an author on Eloquens.com, Alexander benefits from a range of things:

1/ Firstly, Eloquens allows him to strengthen his personal brand even further

2/ Secondly, it allows him to generate a passive revenue stream for his best work

3/ and lastly, he is able to gain feedback and improvement from users.

If you'd like to join Alexander in opening an Eloquens author account, simply go to Eloquens.com and click on 'Publish a tool.'

The step-by-step process is very simple; you will have your first model published and distributed on the marketplace in no time!

We're looking forward to seeing you soon on Eloquens.com!

Happy publishing!

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