Sales Team Planning Excel Template
Originally published: 30/03/2020 13:20
Last version published: 30/03/2020 13:47
Publication number: ELQ-29835-3
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Sales Team Planning Excel Template

A very user-friendly tool for organising the financials of your sales team.

Two of the most common pitfalls when building a revenue forecast is (i) not ensuring you have enough able-bodied salespeople selling your product or service and (ii) not accounting for the ramp time it takes for an average salesperson to get up to speed. This tool enables users to ensure that they have enough sales professionals actively selling while accounting for that ramp time. Users load in their current team as well as their hiring plan and the associated revenue targets. The output at the bottom is a ramp-adjusted revenue delivery number. From there, users should compare these totals to the bottoms-up revenue forecast from their revenue model to ensure they have adequate coverage. Each business is different and so you need to make sure you have enough coverage for your particular business.

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