Decision Maker Tool (UNLOCKED)
Originally published: 08/08/2019 20:58
Last version published: 07/10/2019 19:41
Publication number: ELQ-57331-2
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Decision Maker Tool (UNLOCKED)

Excel tool to help make difficult decisions, when faced with a number of similar or competing options.

NOTE: A free DEMO version of this model can be found at:

● Objective inputs = surprising results
● Alternatives scored in a single chart
● Abide the Decision!

This model contains the following elements:
● Let Excel help make an important decision for you, by quantifying the qualitative
● Specify the various Options and Key Factors involved in Decision
● Model calculates a numerical Score for each Option, and compares them in a single graph
● Objective inputs can yield surprising answers!

This highly customized Excel tool takes subjective input from the user, prompting them to score and weigh simple decision criteria in order to produce an objective decision.

Seeing the different possible outcomes graphed and scored against each other can produce surprising reactions, or help underscore how well the user's gut instincts measure up when honestly compared with competing alternatives.

As with all models at ExcelModels, this workbook contains separate tabs containing integrated financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. All checks and balances are in-place, highlighting areas (such as a negative cash balance) where the user needs to adjust assumptions elsewhere.

This template contains clearly-labeled input cells. All other cells are locked for calculation, labeling, or other use. This focuses the user on the Key Assumptions they have control over, and prompts an accurate forecast.

We also provide model customization and build-out on an hourly or project basis. Please contact us for more information. Thanks.

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