Valuation - Comparables Approach: Using Peer Companies and Transaction Multiples
Originally published: 07/01/2020 17:48
Last version published: 13/01/2020 10:33
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Valuation - Comparables Approach: Using Peer Companies and Transaction Multiples

Business Valuation using Peer Multiples Approach : 40 Slides full of Details, Examples and Tips

Whether you will acquire a Company and want to know how much to pay, divest and want to know at what price to sell, make or receive a public equity or debt offering or start a new business venture, the Value of the Company is crucial.

The valuation using Multiples Approach is a basic tool that incorporates the perception of all investors reflecting firm prospects, industry trends, business risk and market growth. Apart from a quick tool, it is also a commonly used check vs DCF valuation

This material is prepared by investment bankers and is the most comprehensive guideline on Comparables Valuation Approach full of examples and illustrations and based on JP Morgan methodology. After reading it you will:

- Get an overall idea of the process
- Understand how to make the valuation and select proper peer companies and transactions
- Choose the right multiples
- Consider the Pros and Cons of this method and decide if it is applicable
- Know the typical errors in the process and how to avoid them

It is the perfect solution for advisors that need proper training for your team, or presentation to a client or for business owners aiming to obtain a quick estimate of the company value.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF Presentation 42 Slides

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Provide a comprehensive guidance on Company Valuation, give details on comparable companies and transactions methodology and illustrate with examples

Advisors and business owners interested in Company Valuation, who also want to expand and verify their knowledge on the topic

Not an excel tool for valuation

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