Startup: Physical Product, Financial Model, Fund Raise, and Valuation
Originally published: 02/04/2019 09:18
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Startup: Physical Product, Financial Model, Fund Raise, and Valuation

Comprehensive Financial Model with easy inputs. P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Valuation, ROI, and Breakeven

This tool is ideal for getting a complete view of your new startup or idea, either for yourself or potential investors. With easily adjustable assumptions you can stress test different sales assumptions, costs of production, employee hire timetables, and future expenses.

After you've got your important assumptions set, the model creates straightforward financials for business plans, prospective investors, banks, or VC's, with three year monthly, quarterly, and annual projections of:

P&L Statements
Income Statements
Balance Sheets
Statements of Cashflow
Breakeven analysis
Valuations using Discounted Cashflows, Market Multiples, and Comparable Sales

To begin, just Input your assumptions on market size, market capture timeline, estimates of B2B or B2C customer purchase habits, expenses, funding sought, planned future employee hires, and COGS.

Excel Worksheet Overview

1: Summaries

1.1 Dashboard Analytics

1.2 Monthly Profit & Loss Projections

1.3 Annual Profit & Loss Projections

1.4 Consolidated Financial Projections (3 years)

1.5 Consolidated Financial Projections (Year 1, Quarterly)

2: Pre-Revenue

2.1 Pre-Launch Expenses

2.2 Capital Contributions

2.3 Debt Financing

3: Sales and Revenue

3.1 B2B Customer Acquisition Projections

3.2 B2B Revenue Projections

3.3 B2C Customer Acquisition Projections

3.4 B2C Revenue Projections


4.1 Cost of Goods Sold Projections

5: SG&A

5.1 Employee Planning

5.2 Expense Inputs

5.3 Expense Model

6: Analysis

6.1 Break-Even Analysis

6.2 Valuation Projections

This Best Practice includes
1 Fully Customizable Excel Template, 1 Reference Sheet For Important Assumptions

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Further information

Provide the user with a useful tool to craft an effective startup financial analysis for manufacturing businesses, understand whether the business idea is profitable or not, and convey useful information to investors.

Single product manufacturing with both B2B (wholesale) and B2C sales channels

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