KPI of SEO for revenue growth
  • KPI of SEO for revenue growth
  • KPI of SEO for revenue growth
  • KPI of SEO for revenue growth
Originally published: 16/01/2020 09:26
Last version published: 14/02/2020 16:32
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KPI of SEO for revenue growth

Which KPI's matter most to when pursuing SEO for revenue growth?

I never cease to be amazed by how much SEO can positively impact a company's marketing budget, CAC & user retention.

Depending on a long list of variables (including: competitive landscape, method of monetization, qualified available market size & more), you might be able to get quite a bit accomplished in the area of SEO by simply running your website through the proprietary SEO assessment we designed for our clients at MD9. We teach people how to DIY via my personal website at

This excel was created as part of the SEO guide I designed to help first time founders learn how to use SEO to increase their revenue.

If you are wondering which KPI’s matter most when pursuing SEO for revenue growth, this excel is here to help. It keeps track of your backlink progress, keyword ranking wins & losses, organic traffic, the most important user behavior, CAC, churn, LTV and how all of this SEO work applies to your gross revenue.

How do your current metrics compare to those seen last month or the month before that?

Where are you making progress?

How much progress have you made?

You can learn more about the guide at

Please note that this tool is designed to communicate the value and progress of SEO strategies to a company's decision makers who are OUTSIDE of the field.

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Track the efficacy of your SEO strategies month over month.

Tracking SEO strategies aiming for revenue growth.


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