KPIs for SEO: how to track your SEO campaign’s impact on your revenue growth
Originally published: 16/01/2020 09:26
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KPIs for SEO: how to track your SEO campaign’s impact on your revenue growth

Which SEO KPIs matter most to when your ultimate goal is revenue growth?

A single metric does not tell you a lot, especially if you are new to growing startups. It is the context that provides a wealth of information. After 10,000 hours of experience, an expert can extract far greater insight from several pieces of data than someone who is looking at it for the first time. So how and what does an SEO expert track to prove that their work is impacting a company’s growth?

As a decision maker, this excel will help you to determine if your content creation endeavors, budget and team are a profit center or cost center. This excel will help you to quickly review and evaluate the impact they’re having on the company’s bottom line.

As a content creator or SEO, this excel is designed to help you communicate the value of your SEO initiatives to various stakeholders and decision makers within the company. While you may love spending 1-5 hours diving into the weeds and looking at endless graphs of data, your CEO, CPO, CMO and VPs may only have a few minutes per month to dedicate to hearing how you and your team are doing and what you’re doing to help the business grow.

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Track the efficacy of your SEO strategies month over month.

Tracking SEO strategies aiming for revenue growth.

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