Payroll Calculation Tool
Originally published: 07/07/2021 10:47
Publication number: ELQ-84416-1
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Payroll Calculation Tool

The tool has been designed to calculate employees’ salary. The tool functionality is based on the recording of the actua

The payroll calculation tool is a ready-made template designer made for collecting and processing of the data required for the employees’ salary charging.
The payroll calculation method enables to implement the following two types of charging:
• planning and charging of the salary constant component
• planning and charging of the salary variable component
Planning and calculation of the salary constant component
An employee can be run permanent payroll calculations as:
• A direct remuneration
• A direct remuneration + % of the business unit turnover
Planning and calculation of the salary variable component.
An employee can be run permanent payroll calculations as:
• % of the business unit sale,
• % of all the business units sale,
• Monetary run payroll based on the planned value 1 exceeding,
• Monetary run payroll based on the planned value 2 exceeding.
A combination of the two types enables to find out the optimal method of payment.

• Salary calculation of several units (trade outlets and outposts)
• Business unit and personal plans of sales development
• Individual planning and calculation of the permanent component of salary
• Individual planning and calculation of the variable component of salary
• Plan/actual analysis of the units revenue
• Recording of employees’ reimbursement
• Open source. It is an open-code tool which can be adjusted based on the company’s requirements
Take advantage of new opportunities for organizing teamwork in Excel.

Starting with MS Office 365 (for PC), MS Office 2019 (for MAC), Microsoft realized the possibility of full-fledged teamwork in Excel.

For the organization of distributed access using Microsoft Cloud OneDrive.
When several operators work simultaneously, information about the operations they perform is visually available. There are no more conflicts and automatically created secondary copies.

Open source code
For specialists, we offer the possibility of self-modification of the template code.

Excel is a tool that allows any specialist, having studied the basic functionality to create their own unique calculations, forms, graphics.

The open source code of a professional tool allows everyone to significantly reduce the time to get their unique result when planning. It is much easier to refine the functionality with a good open base.

The template is dynamically expandable and has no limits
on the amount of input source information.
You define the scope and volume of the information you enter yourself.

Without VBA
The template does not use VBA and at the same time it is easily dynamically expanded using only regular Excel features.

The calculations we have created and the logic of data interaction are expanded by using the simple “copy past” operation.

Cross platform
The model works equally well on Excel for Windows and Mac.

This Best Practice includes
1 - Payroll calculation tool; 1 - User's Guide; 1 - Payroll calculation tool(Demo);

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