Big Data for Small and Mid-Sized Business

A Primer for Introducing Data to Your Company & 10 Steps to Get You Started.

We’ve all heard the big data buzz.

We hear about data because it’s the important raw material needed to develop business and customer intelligence.

Based on that intelligence, companies can gain an appreciation for what drives and sustains sales and revenue. Furthermore, companies will understand what isn’t working and suspend those efforts.

Companies are then empowered to be selective about how and where they allocate resources. That’s particularly important for small and mid-sized companies where budget and opportunity costs are always serious considerations.

However, small and mid-sized companies may not produce data in the same volume or with the same velocity as enterprises with their massive numbers of customers, prospects, partners, and the network to reach them.

If data isn’t big, can companies still benefit?

Happily: YES!

Data doesn’t have to be big for companies to benefit because it’s possible to create the intelligence needed to fuel company growth from limited data.

Significant advantage can be realized from even simple data-driven insights. Those advantages are often attained by building the discipline of generating, reviewing, and applying KPIs, metrics, and analysis to business decisions.

For small to mid-sized companies interested in introducing that data-driven discipline, this book will get you started.

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