YC’s Essential Startup Advice
Originally published: 26/10/2017 14:54
Publication number: ELQ-30749-1
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YC’s Essential Startup Advice

Essential Guide for Startups from expert advisers with real life experience.

At YC, much of the advice given to startup is surrounding tactics; intended to be useful on a daily or weekly basis. However some advice is more significant. Provided in this PDF is what YC think of as the most essential, transformational guidance for startups. It should point the majority of startups in the right direction.

Firstly, we always advise entrepreneurs to launch the product they've created immediately, for the basic logic that this is really the sole way of understanding the problems customers are having and if the product meets their requirements. Oddly, if you launch a product as soon as possible that is just okay, and following up by communicating with customers and repeat, is way more effective than waiting around to create a product that is perfect. This works as long as customers still want to use your product because for them the value outweighs the problems.

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[Co-author: Michael Siebel]

Note: Initially published on www.ycombinator.com

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