Cash Flow Excel Model with Monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, CF Statement, Scenarios, DCF, Capital and Debt Structure

An extended Excel version of a Cash Flow financial model with a free video tutorial.

Original Best Practice:  Simple Cash Flow Model Excel Template  by Jacek Polewski

The model consists of the following sections:

1. Content - lists all the sheets with links for easy navigation.

2. Assumptions/Scenarios - lists the main drivers behind market, revenue and costs growth. The scenario selection allows you to create a quick sensitivity analysis and see how a change in assumptions affect your returns and other outputs of the model.

3. Cash Flow model - a monthly model which calculates the projections for market growth, revenues and costs based on the inputs from the 'Assumptions' sheet.

4. Summary and Returns - aggregates the output from the 'Cash Flow model' sheet. The 'Returns' section provides a simple calculations for IRRs, NPVs and projected cash requirement.

5. Use of Funds - calculates the per cost category breakdown of how the funding is going to be allocated.

6. Graphs - presents output of the model in a visual form. Important sheet if you need to use the model for PowerPoint or other means of presentation.

7. DCF and Capital Structure - calculates the Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) based on the supplied discount rates. The 'Capital Structure' breaks the required investment into tranches of equity and calculates returns for each of them separately.

8. Debt Model - provides a simple model for a loan injection with amortisation table, payment, principal and interest calculations.

9. P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet statements - presents the output of the 'Cash Flow model' in a more structured form (something that accountants will especially enjoy!:)

For my step-by-step guide on how to build the cash flow forecast in Excel go to:

If you have any questions leave a comment below or go to to reach me directly or send me a private message via (on my Channel).

- Jacek

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Further information

The main objective of the tool is to give the reader an example of how to project their cash flows whether it is for external fund raising purposes or internally for budgeting.

Internal budgeting, cash flow planning, equity fundraising, investment presentations, investor return calculation

It is a generic template so the user will need to tailor the assumptions and main drivers to their own needs

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