Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker Excel Template
Originally published: 16/12/2022 10:13
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Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker Excel Template

This template offers you a simple and effective way to define your fitness or weight loss goal and track your progress.

Set weight loss goals, define fitness/wellness activities, plan your week of activities, and then track actual progress. 
Use the Fitness dashboard to view progress against your goals and take actions to improve as needed.

i. Supports Metric and English systems of measurements
ii. A simple way to track up to 15 activities
iii. Set Weight Goals and goals individually for each activity
iv. Automated & Interactive Fitness Dashboard
v. Weekly Planner to plan your activities for the coming week
vi. Printable tracker and planner to support paper tracking

Simple Design Framework
a. The template uses a very simple design.
b. Set Weight Goal
c. Define Activities with Targets
d. Plan your upcoming week with activities
e. Record actual progress during the week
f. View Progress in Dashboard and take actions to improve.

Supports both Metric and English systems of measurements

You can choose from the English or Metric system. The template will automatically adapt to use Inches and Pounds for the English system and Centimeters and Kilograms for the Metric system.

Set Weight Goals and other goals individually for each activity.

In addition to setting a weight goal, you can define up to 15 activities and set goals for each of them individually. The units can be customized.
You can also choose goal per day or per week. The template will then automatically calculate the weekly and daily goals for each activity, to be used on the dashboard.

Recording actual progress is made super simple. The dates will be auto-populated. You just have to type the weight and also the values for the different activities.
Tracking is available by default for up to 2 years and can be extended if needed.

Automated & Interactive Fitness Dashboard

The Fitness Dashboard shows the latest weight and BMI. It shows the trend of weight over time.
Each of the 15 activities are displayed with % of goal achieved. It will be green if goal is achieved, red if below the threshold and yellow if in between.
The dashboard also clearly shows how much actual activity amount versus the goal.
In addition to the summary, you can view the weekly and daily trends as well.

Weekly Planner to plan your activities for the coming week
The template also offers a planner sheet for planning your activities for the coming week.
These dashboard and tracker are printable.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Template and 1 Excel Template with sample data.

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