EMF Pro - Advanced Model Review Utility
Originally published: 02/07/2022 11:07
Last version published: 04/10/2022 09:38
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EMF Pro - Advanced Model Review Utility

The Complete Financial Modelling Utilities for Modellers (Trial)

Working with financial models could be frustrating without the necessary utilities. We are providing the tools that modelling experts have been using for quite a long time. Each tool within EMF Pro addresses one more pain points of the modellers.

1. Trace Formula

This addin can trace any precedents of a formula in an interactive way. Using the addin it is possible to trace the source of any formula to its base input.

a. Traces any formula with the ability to drill down to precedent’s precedent by clicking on the cell reference in formula bar
b. List of all precedents are listed and can be traversed through up & down arrow keys
c. Double clicking on a precedent will change the source to the precedent cell clicked
d. Previous source can be traced back by clicking on Back button
e. Jump Button takes to the current source, whereas New Source will start tracing the active cell. Close or Cancel will take to the first source cell traced.

2. Map Workbook
This creates a map of the workbook such that unique formulas are easily identifiable. Map is considered gold standard in finding out formula inconsistencies in the workbook.

a. Map can be run either in the whole of workbook or specific sheets which can be selected in the listbox
b. The unique formula identified as shaded in “Cyan” for F, C, and X

c. A Map Report is generated that mentions all unique formulas per sheet

d. The Map is generated for each sheet, and any inconsistency is easily identifiable within the consistent columns with the change in cell color.

e. Any unnecessary values / formula outside the working columns or within hidden columns / rows can be recognised by this file

3. Compare Workbook
Using Compare utility, any two version of the workbook can be compared against each other to identify changes in cell formula or inputs.

a. Using the dialog box, choose New workbook and Old Workbook. All sheets will be listed and in case of sheet name change, the individual sheet can be selected from the dropdown
b. Compare report is generated for unique formula changes along with other changes separately

c. All changes are reported in Notes_ tabs
d. A Map sheet is also prepared highlighted changed cells in red 

4. Name Manager
This name manager utility has been designed to identify hidden named ranges and delete them.

a. All hidden named ranges can be selected all at once using Select hidden button
b. These hidden named ranges can be made visible to excel’s name manager by clicking on Unhide button and vice-versa using Hide button
c. The selected named ranges can be deleted if unnecessary by clicking on Delete button

5. Style Remover
Using this utility unnecessary / unused style in a workbook can be deleted very easily. If a workbook has too many styles, the workbook becomes different to operate and hangs quite often.

a. This also provides a list of unused styles by clicking on Get Used Status
b. The occurrences of the listed styles are reported under Used count heading, and any unused style can be selected by Select Unused button and subsequently deleted using Delete button

6. Link Workbook
This utility is helpful for navigating between two similar spreadsheets. Extremely useful for switching between MAP file and Workbook or between any two versions of the file.

a. To make it work, make sure the two workbooks to be linked should be open,
b. Click on Link Workbook and select the names of two workbooks, order doesn’t matter.
c. Once linked, now double clicking on any cell will take you to the same reference in the other model and vice-versa

7. Copy References
Using Copy References you can copy cell addresses and paste any where else you require. This is extremely helpful when preparing Notes / Reports where cell addresses needs to be mentioned. So instead of writing cell addresses manually now you always can use this utility

a. Click on Include Sheet Name or Exclude Sheet Name to copy cell address to clip board.
b. Press Ctrl + V (Paste operation) to paste to your target location, could be word file, notepad, excel, etc.

These can also be triggered using Shortcut keys:
Ctrl + Shift + K for Include Sheet Name
Shift + K for Exclude Sheet Name

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Further information

-A Complete utility for financial modellers which excel doesn't provide
-If you have EMF Pro, no other modelling utility will be required

-Works with both 32 bit and 64 bit Excel, Windows only
-Latest Excel Version will be preferred
-This is a trial version and works for 30 days

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