Startup pitch deck structure
Originally published: 07/12/2020 09:12
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Startup pitch deck structure

Investor - ready pitch deck structure for fundraising or M&A

This powerpoint template follows the structure of the comprehensive article I wrote on how to write and investor-ready pitch deck. The article also includes proprietary examples of the slides that you can design to convey information effectively.

I have put together this pitch deck structure based on my 7+ years of experience in Private Equity and M&A and I believe it constitutes a strong basis for anyone trying to engage with institutional investors or buyers. If you want to understand better the how and why of the pitch deck structure and content, in the article above I give detailed explanations on why each slide is important, how investors generally look at a pitch deck and what do they expect to see, and I offer some examples of how to present information in a visual, straight to the point way.

In the article, I also point out different scenarios and encourage the reader to use the structure as a basis and adapt it to her own company's specificity and own specific situation. If most of the pitch deck structure will be the same, depending on whether you are looking to fundraise or sell your company, there will be some fine-tuning required.

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This is not the right fit for a live presentation. This structure is aimed for pitch deck to be shared and read by investors.

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